What Username and Password do I use?
Create a unique Username and Password just for LifeSmarts Adventure. Your login for LifeSmarts.org is separate.

I’ve lost my Username/Password. What should I do?
Use the lost password feature on the main page. You’ll find it right below the “login” button.

How long do my scores remain in the app?
Your scores, badges, and trophies stay with your account indefinitely.

Do my scores connect with my account at LifeSmarts.org?
No, LifeSmarts Adventure scores are separate from LifeSmarts.org. This is a great practice tool – it will not impact any LifeSmarts scores.

Are there prizes?
Yes, gift cards will be awarded at the end of the episode. If there is a tie for the highest score, we will draw names to award prizes. A user may win once per episode. We will use your email address to contact you.

How often will new episodes launch?
There will be about eight new episodes per year. We will announce new episodes at LifeSmarts.org, in email blasts, and through social media.

What is the purpose of LifeSmarts Adventure?
LifeSmarts Adventure is a fun new way for students to study LifeSmarts content, compete, measure their success against their peers – all while “on the go” using the app

Who runs LifeSmarts Adventure?
LifeSmarts, a program of the National Consumers League, operates LifeSmarts Adventure.

Where can I learn more about LifeSmarts?
Visit LifeSmarts.org, the home of the LifeSmarts program, to learn about LifeSmarts, use other practice tools, and compete! LifeSmarts is a competition and scholarship program free to all high school and middle school students and educators across the country.

Is there a cost to use LifeSmarts Adventure?
The app is free to use.

I’m a coach. Can I track how my students do in LifeSmarts Adventure?
Ask students to report their scores to you (a great way to do this is ask them to send you screenshots). There is no coach reporting feature in the app.

Who funds this app?
LifeSmarts thanks LifeLock for an educational grant that provided funds to develop LifeSmarts Adventure.

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