LifeSmarts Neighborhood 2017 Fall

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Welcome to the next episode of LifeSmarts Adventure, the new LifeSmarts app! Use this LifeSmarts practice tool to quiz yourself and see how you measure up against other LifeSmarts students across the country. This LifeSmarts Adventure takes you on a quick spin through your local LifeSmarts Neighborhood. You will make five stops, answering a series of LifeSmarts questions at each one. The app tracks your progress, and leaderboards show top-scoring travelers. Finish in the top three to earn trophies that stay with you throughout all future LifeSmarts Adventures. How many trophies can you earn?

Ready to get started? Start at the bank and wind your way through the neighborhood, ending up at the gas station. Buckle up and have fun! Good luck.



Begin your LifeSmarts Adventure at your local bank. Pop in to make a deposit, grab a cup of coffee, and answer questions about personal finance. Then, continue on your journey.


Answer questions about the environment as you stroll through the neighborhood park. Renting a bike or paddleboard is optional.

Grocery Store

Next stop: the grocery store. Answer consumer rights and responsibilities questions while you pick up a few necessities.


Swing by the local hospital to answer a few health and safety questions. Visiting hours are over – and you’re on your way!

Gas Station

Finish your LifeSmarts Adventure by fueling your vehicle at the gas station. Answer technology questions and you’re done! Time to head for home; how was your final score?

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