LifeSmarts Camp 2017

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Welcome to the next episode of LifeSmarts Adventure, the new LifeSmarts app! Use this LifeSmarts practice tool to quiz yourself and see how you measure up against other LifeSmarts participants across the country. This LifeSmarts Adventure takes you camping — because it’s summer, after all! You will make six stops after you fuel up at the mess hall. You will answer a series of LifeSmarts questions at each one. The app tracks your progress, and leaderboards show top-scoring travelers. Finish in the top three to earn trophies that stay with you throughout all future LifeSmarts Adventures. How many trophies can you earn?

Ready to get started? Stow your gear in your cabin and get out and enjoy your summer vacation at camp!



Stow your gear, choose a bunk, answer a few robust consumer rights questions, and head over to the campfire.


S’mores, ghost stories, and questions about the environment. Good luck!


Enjoy the water, but stay safe this summer. Answer these questions to display your knowledge of sun safety.

Nature Hike

Hike through majestic trees, prairies, oak woodlands, and other ecosystems. While you’re here, demonstrate your expertise in tourniquet tying, purifying water, and other health and safety topics.

Sports Field

Don’t swing and miss, hit a homerun with your answers to these personal finance questions.

Arts & Crafts

Answer a handful of tech questions and then finish your time at camp by beading a keychain or painting a pet rock to bring home. We hope you’ve enjoyed your…

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